Global graduate employability research: A report to the Business20 Human Capital Taskforce (DRAFT).

Shelley Kinash, Bond University
Linda Crane, Bond University
Cecily Knight, James Cook University
David Dowling, University of Southern Queensland
Kristy Mitchell, Bond University
Matthew McLean, Bond University Alumnus
Mark Schulz, Bond University

Draft version

Kinash, S., Crane, L., Knight, C., Dowling, D., Mitchell, K., McLean, M., & Schulz, M. (June, 2014). Global graduate employability research: A report to the Business20 Human Capital Taskforce (DRAFT). Gold Coast, QLD Australia: Bond University.


The research team has identified eleven themes emerging from the survey data. These themes are currently being pursued through interviews and focus groups with students, graduates, employers, higher education teachers and career development professionals. A minimum of 40 interviews / focus groups will be reported in the next version of the report. The results, interpretations and recommendations may change through the next phase of the report on the basis of these interviews and focus groups. For this reason, this version of the report is to be considered as DRAFT.

The graduate employability themes being addressed through interviews / focus groups are:

• Employment through multi-national corporations with graduate development programs

• Competitive sport, athletes and employability

• Entrepreneurship (graduates in start-up businesses and graduates employed by entrepreneurs)

• Government as employer • Private Higher Education and employability implications

• The role and contribution of higher education career development centres

• Indigenous employment and supports

• Transition from secondary and employability supports

• Employability for-profit business endeavors • Generalist disciplines and employability

• Emerging careers (preparing students for careers that do not yet exist)


This document has been peer reviewed.