The legacy of David Fleay, a pioneering Gold Coast conservationist

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McDougall, B. (2015). The legacy of David Fleay, a pioneering Gold Coast conservationist. In T. Hundloe, B. McDougall, & C. Page (Eds.), The Gold Coast Transformed: From Wilderness to Urban Ecosystem (pp. 123-129). Clayton South, Australia: CSIRO Publishing.

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Extract: David Fleay is known today as an Australian pioneer of conservation. His life work was to educate the public about Australia's unique fauna and the importance of preservation of endangered species and their habitat. As mentioned in Chapter 10, Fleay showed early signs of his passion for wildlife. From a young age he began a personal collection of Australian native fauna, starting with snakes and lizards and gradually acquiring large marsupials and birds such as wombats and owls (see Fig. 11.1). The unique collection grew over several years through trips to the bush for particular species, as well as the rehabilitation of injured wildlife. This stage of Fleay's life was the beginning of a fascinating journey that would inspire many and continue long after his passing.

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