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Hussein, J., Armitage, L., & Too, L. (2014). A historical perspective of the evolution of Australian built heritage and its management. Paper presented at the 20th Annual Pacific Rim Real Estate Society Conference (PRRES). 19-22 January, 2014. New Zealand.

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This paper analyses the origin and parameters that contribute to the development of Australian built heritage, identifies the underlying challenges and issues that stakeholders face in their management, and thereby develops a basis for further research. A literature review was conducted on published resources related to heritage buildings in an historical context to categorise contributory parameters that have shaped Australian built environment over the past two centuries. It is perceived by researchers that modernisation, sustainability and technology are factors that help to retain built heritage values. However, this review suggests that the way in which these factors are applied often poses a threat to the continuation of the fabric of Australian built heritage. Reflecting on the abundant literature in this field, it appears that academic research on Australian built heritage dates back as early as the 19th century on the transitional stages of built heritage. Further research is needed to develop a management cycle model for the assessment of structural soundness and the reliability of practices involved in Australian built heritage. This paper contributes to the understanding of how Australian built heritage evolved in a historical context and its contribution to the current and future practice of heritage management.

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