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Regan, M., Smith, J., & Love, P. (2014). Value for money in international infrastructure public private partnership policies: Survey of African states. Paper presented at the International Conference on Infrastructure development and Investment strategies for Africa (DII). 25-26 September, 2014. Zambia.

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2014 HERDC submission




The international evidence suggests that public private partnership (PPP) procurement methods using value for money evaluation criteria are delivering better infrastructure services at lower cost than traditional procurement methods. Central to the operation of public private partnerships is the systematic evaluation of the procurement options available to government, as well as an output specification to encourage private design, risk transfer, construction and operational innovation, the detailed analysis of projects over their operational life cycle, a rigorous and competitive bid process, and the selection of proposals that deliver value for money. Value for money is a measure that takes into account both the quantitative and qualitative outcomes over the term of a contract. International surveys undertaken for this study suggest that public private partnership policies that adopt value for money principles and practices will provide government with more accurate information to configure optimal procurement solutions for infrastructure service delivery.



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