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Kazem, M. & Kazem, A. (2015). Climate change and vicious circle of economic dependency and food crisis in poor countries. International Journal of Agriculture Innovation and Research, 3(6), 1699-1702.

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2015 HERDC submission




As a chronic ongoing issue, climate change negative impacts on crop production beside lack of socioeconomic stability threaten food security in poor countries, especially in Africa. In place of a temporary and immediate solution these countries generally rely on foreign crop producers to meet their growing internal consumption. Scoreless repeating of this strategy increases dependency of these countries in long term which may have some unconsidered negative aspects. In this paper this issue is explored by reviewing the statistics of crop production and imports beside economic indices of several poor countries. The results show how extensive crop importing strategy, in the absence of firm comprehensive economic policies, may degrade long term food security in countries with low Gross National Income (GNI).



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