Who can submit publications to the repository?

Faculty members, researchers, and students associated with Bond University are invited to contribute digital materials for long-term preservation and world-wide digital accessibility. Items such journal articles, submitted manuscripts, accepted versions of publications, conference papers, PowerPoint presentations, technical reports, working papers, and lecture series papers are acceptable.

Research by Bond authors collaborating with non-Bond authors is also welcome. Examples of affiliated work could be a paper from a conference sponsored by a participating faculty which included both Bond-affiliated and other authors, or a report collaboratively produced by Bond-affiliated and other authors.

Bond University e-journals have a broad national and international appeal and, depending on the focus of the journal, contributions are welcome from interested scholars anywhere in the world.

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How do I submit materials to e-publications@bond?

Bond University’s Open Access Policy supports and encourages authors to deposit their publications and research data in the University’s open access repository. When publishing your work simply email a copy of your submitted, accepted or final version to the . The Library’s Scholarly Publications team will check the publisher’s copyright policy and permissions before uploading your work into the repository and liaise with you to ensure we have all the available details.

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What type of material can I submit?

The repository contains many different formats of material such as journal articles, image collections, conference papers, PowerPoint presentations, technical reports, working papers, posters, out of print books, videos, audio files and data, especially if it accompanies a publication.

Depending on the publisher's copyright policy different versions of a work can be uploaded into e-publications@bond.

This table lists commonly referred to versions of scholarly work:

Draft Early version circulated as work in progress, or working paper
Submitted Version Also known as the pre-print, or submitted manuscript. This is the version that has been submitted to a journal for peer review
Accepted Version Also known as the post-print, or accepted manuscript. The is the final author-created version that incorporates referee comments and is accepted for publication
Published Version The publisher formatted published version
Updated Version A version that has been updated since publication

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What if a paper is already freely available on a web page?

A paper may be available on a website today, but what guarantee is there that it will be available in the future? Conference websites often disappear after a short period of time. Web pages can be moved to different servers, and if a journal ceases to be published its website may disappear.

Depositing a copy in e-publications@bond creates an additional access point. A link to the current website, or alternate location can be inserted in the e-publications record.

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How do I set up an account?

To set up an account go to the home page and click on My Account. Sign up using your Bond email address and a verification email will be sent to you.

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How do I view my readership map and download statistics?

To view your readership map and download statistics click on My Account, login, and you will be able to access your Author Dashboard.

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Need more help and information?

If you encounter problems using e-publications@bond, or would simply like additional information about open access and/or the repository please contact the .

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Updated 5 December 2016