This paper deals with the use of Microsoft Excel as an educational tool for conducting basic engineering analyses related to thermal-fluid systems. The paper focuses on using Excel and its Goal-Seek command for solving thermal-fluid problems that require iterative solutions by presenting three related examples from the subjects of heat-transfer, fluid dynamics, and thermodynamics. The first example shows how Excel and Goal Seek can be used to solve heat-exchanger problems with unknown fluids exit temperatures with the log-mean temperature difference (LMTD) method. The second example deals with solving type-2 and type-3 flow problems, while the third example demonstrates the use of property add-ins for determining the adiabatic flame temperature with Excel and Goal-Seek.

Example 1 NTU method.xlsx (10 kB)
Example 1

Example 2 Type 3 flow problem.xlsx (47 kB)
Example 2

Example 3 Adiabatic temperature3.xlsx (43 kB)
Example 3

Thermax demo.docx (13 kB)
Add-in demo

Tx-demo.xlam (84 kB)