This paper presents the design and development of a Microsoft Excel based tool for Power System Static State Estimation. This tool can be effectively used to understand the process of state estimation and its real-time application. The tool contains Newton-Raphson load flow that provides system measurements, which are used as inputs to the state estimator that uses the popular weighted least square (WLS) algorithm. The spreadsheet has features for corrupting the data to simulate wide ranging scenarios of data errors. With the user-friendly screens, this can be a versatile desktop tool for learning and experimenting with the Power System State Estimation. Different system loading and operating configurations and wide range of corrupted measurements can be simulated for obtaining the reliable state estimator. All intermediate numerical results are made available for verification purposes. For illustration IEEE 14 bus system is considered.

SE Tool for MS Office 2013.xlsm (835 kB)
Excel file for State Estimation for MS Office 2013

SE Tool for MS Office 2010.xlsm (835 kB)
Excel file for State Estimation for MS Office 2010