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In assessing the change in terminology from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific, this paper probes whether or not this is the first shift in terminology for Australia’s regional outlook. By analysing relevant domestic history pertinent to Australian terminology for its neighbouring regions and by examining academic and political discourse from the 1950s onwards, this paper argues that the recent shift from Asia-Pacific to Indo-Pacific actually reflects a return to the previous terminology for the region (Indo-Pacific). Furthermore, it identifies that the terminology of Asia-Pacific was only a fairly recent development and that for much of the post-World War II period, Australian terminology for the region was centred on Indo-Pacific terminology. Hence, the paper demonstrates that the Indo-Pacific terminology is not new. Instead, it is a return to previous terminology for Australia’s neighbouring regions.

本文对亚太地区到印度-太平洋地区这种术语上的变化进行了评估,探讨这是否是澳大利亚在地区称呼术语方面的第一次转变。通过分析澳大利亚描述其邻近地区所用术语的相关国内历史,并通过研究20世纪50年代以来的学术和政治论述,本文认为,澳大利亚近期从亚太地区向印度太平洋地区这种描述上的转变,实际上反映了其之前所用地区(印度洋 - 太平洋)术语的回归。此外,本文还指出“亚太地区”这个术语的历史比较短暂,在第二次世界大战后的大部分时间里,澳大利亚主要使用“印度-太平洋地区”来描述该地区。因此,本文表明“印太地区”这个用法并不新鲜。相反,它是一种澳大利亚先前使用的描述本地区的术语的回归。

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East Asia Security Symposium and Conference 东亚安全座谈谈论会

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Dr Anna Hayes is a senior lecturer in politics and international relations in the College of Arts, Society and Education at James Cook University, Australia. She specialises in human security, with a particular focus on HIV/AIDS as a non-traditional threat to security, examinations of human insecurity, and sub-state threats to security. Most recently, she has been examining China’s Belt and Road Initiative, Australian government rhetoric on BRI, and the rise of the Indo-Pacific concept.

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