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Global “Civilization Politics” with "Civilization Value"

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Due to the complexity of political and security issues in the international community, the relations between countries are often caught in great trouble caused by contradiction and friction. Such troubles separate human beings as a whole, resulting in an opposite state of human society. Considering that many problems in the international relations are embedded in the profound cultural influences, can we view political issues from a more macroscopic, virtual, hypothetical perspective? For example, if we study from the angle of human society and human civilization, would it provide new ideas for the complex political problems? What kind of construct is the politics of human civilization? What does this construct entail? What is the relationship between the politics of human civilization and civilization values? And are the civilization values the same as universal values? The authors of this paper believe that this framework of “civilization politics” will bring new ways in understanding great challenges that human society is facing today.

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East Asia Security Symposium and Conference 东亚安全座谈谈论会

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SU Hao, Professor, Department of Diplomacy, China Foreign Affairs University.

ZHOU Jiali, Lecturer, Department of Diplomacy, China Foreign Affairs University.

DING Li, Associate Professor, Department of Foreign Languages, China Youth University of Political Studies

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