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The promise of a grand peace in the 21st century arising from globalisation through liberal economic interdependence and political collective security is less likely due to the scarcity of critical resources globally, domestic structures within the People’s Republic of China (PRC) and the capacity for independence of the PRC’s domestic market. Domestic demand may outstrip global supply leading to a mercantilist motive for territorial war. This paper identifies the systemic context—the success of the multilateral liberal market—and the great size of the PRC as potential drivers for China to adopt mercantilist policies which include the use of force to acquire resources. This potential for the use of mercantilism, which results from a developmental paradox, in addition to the demographic transition towards 10 billion people, provides a rationale to employ the perspective of global development so as to revise the ideological bases and arising development model of the global political economy.

2014 HERDC submission


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East Asia Security Symposium and Conference 东亚安全座谈谈论会

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Author Information: Dr Jonathan H. Ping is a scholar in the fields of global political economy, international relations and comparative politics. He is a graduate of the University of Melbourne and received his PhD from the University of Adelaide. He specialises in the study of statecraft. In this area he has developed the first unifying theory of the middle power concept—hybridisation theory—as presented in his book Middle Power Statecraft. His most recent book Chinese Engagements focuses on the great power, China. His current research focus is on middle power statecraft theory, great power statecraft theory and a theory of the nature of hegemony in and from Asia.

Dr Ping has research affiliations with universities globally. He is a Director of the East Asia Security Symposium and Conference held annually at the China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing. He has worked and undertaken research for government and non-government sectors. Dr Ping teaches courses on Global Political Economy, Global Development and South Asia at Bond University. He engages regularly with the public through newspaper articles, television and radio commentary and presents at seminars and conferences.

平易(Jonathan H. Ping)博士的研究国际政治经济学、国际关系及比较政治学等几个领域。他毕业于墨尔本大学,在阿德莱德大学获得博士学位。他的研究专长为治国之道/国家 治理,在这一领域,他发展了中等强国概念的首个统一理论——混合理论——在他的《中等强国治国之道》一书中有所阐述。平博士2011年出版的新书《中国的 参与》中,主要关注作为大国的中国。他现在的研究重点是中等强国国家治理理论、大国国家治理理论、以及一个关于亚洲的霸权本质的理论。 平 博士与国际上众多大学有研究上的联系与合作。他是中国外交学院每年在北京举办的东亚安全研讨班和学术会议的海外负责人之一。他一直为政府和非政府部门承担 研究任务。平博士在澳大利亚邦德大学教授国际政治经济、全球发展及南亚等课程。他也经常在报纸上发表文章、在电视和广播上做评论嘉宾,并参与学术研讨会和 学术会议。

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