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Traditional concerns with sovereignty have been contested in the South China Sea for decades. There are continuing clashes over the use of EEZ and disputes concerning overlapping historical and current claims of ownership. Tensions continue to escalate as fishermen and resource vessels are harassed as states scramble for the resources within the EEZ and continental shelf adjacent to the contested islands. This paper argues that difficulties in ascertaining sovereignty should not be a barrier to the creation of cooperative mechanisms to ensure that the human security of fishermen in the South China Sea is not violated.

2013 HERDC Submission. FoR code: 160607


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East Asia Security Symposium and Conference 东亚安全座谈谈论会

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Author information: Shelley Parkinson is a PhD candidate at Bond University in Australia. She is presently researching non-traditional threats to security, in particular human security, and how states and individuals may be affected when human security considerations are lacking in state security dialogues. It is her contention that providing human security, particularly to those most vulnerable, should be an essential component of broader national security concerns. Her current research interests encompass the human security of individuals in situations of highly infectious disease and how people movement, including illicit trafficking, across porous borders facilitates the spread of these infections to proximate nation states.

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