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Harmonious regionalism from the perspective of Chinese philosophy is best expressed as an anti-hegemonic discourse that privileges wu-wei (actionless action) and yin-yang correlativity. These are framed within a larger Confucian-Socialist hybrid narrative, such as “win-win” policies that are advanced in various white papers, be they on China’s “peaceful development”, foreign aid or national defence. Through the use of social constructivism in Western International Relations theory, it is possible to ask whether China is a constructivist state in search of a correlative region. If so, this would render the meaning of “harmonious regionalism” as a process (dao, the way) based model rather than a highly institutionalized one. The Confucian concept of harmony in which diverse interests prevail in a dynamic balance accords with this notion of process. China’s participation in regional organizations on its periphery is examined through this conceptual lens.



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East Asia Security Symposium and Conference 东亚安全座谈谈论会

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Author Information: Rosita Dellios, PhD, lectures and writes on the themes of Chinese defence policy and philosophy, concepts for world order and future trends in global politics. As of 2012, Rosita has published one book on China’s defence strategy; co-edited a book on Confucian humanism; co-authored a book on China’s quest for global order, published 19 book chapters, 13 journal articles (some co-authored); and presented numerous conference papers. She has engaged in original research on ‘mandalic regionalism’ that employs traditional and contemporary forms of regional governance in Asia; as well as the philosophical basis of Chinese strategic thought in the 21st century.

罗西塔•戴理奥博士是邦德大学国际关系学副教授。戴理奥博士的授课方向为中国国防政策 和哲学、世界秩序概念,以及国际政治的未来趋势,并在这些方面发表了相关著作。从2012 年起,她共发表了以下著作:一部研究中国国防战略的书籍(作者);一部研究儒家人文主 义的书籍(共同编辑);一部研究中国追求的国际秩序的书籍(即将出版;共同作者);以及 19篇书籍章节、13篇期刊文章(一部分为共同作者)和大量的会议论文。她还参加了关于 “曼陀罗地区主义”的原创研究;该研究运用了亚洲各种传统和现代地区治理学说;以及 21世纪中国战略思想的哲学基础。

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