Commercial Research and Consultancy

How to engage with us

The East Asia Security Centre (EASC) is a unique, proven and effective global research group. EASC commercial research and consultancy is undertaken for government, non-government and business; and may be in English or Mandarin.

  • EASC commercial research and consultancy is supported by the institutional strength of three universities.
    • China Foreign Affairs University, People’s Republic of China
    • University of New Haven, United States of America
    • Bond University, Commonwealth of Australia
  • EASC has links into government bodies in the People’s Republic of China (PRC), such as the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This enables innovative, informed and matchless research and consultancy.
  • A global network of academic scholars and specialized researchers in universities, government, non-government and business organizations, all linked by common expertise in the PRC and participation in the East Asia Security Symposium and Conference (EASSC), enriches this institutional foundation.
  • The individuals and institutions have extraordinary connections and access into the PRC through guanxi.

The research and information available through this website is indicative of the capacity available for commercial research and consultancy. However, confidentiality is afforded by the EASC to all individuals and projects.

Initial Contact

Please email the Director of EASC Dr Jonathan H. Ping

Project Scoping

The Director of the EASC will initially assess the feasibility of undertaking a project. The Directors of the EASSC then consider a project proposal. Suitably qualified and available staff and resources will be identified and a timeline agreed. A project proposal and quote is then created.


All work is supported by contract, which formalizes the project, resources, timeline and quote. When a contract is signed between all participants the work will commence.

Delivery of the Research

Throughout the term of the project, from initial contact to delivery, one EASC staff member will manage the project and liaise between the EASSC research group and the client organization.