Manuscript Format Requirements

Please submit your paper, as it will be presented to the peer reviewers. It will not be edited or formatted prior to review, before being made freely available to the public, or prior to translation.

All enquires must be directed to the Editor-in-Chief of the EASSC Peer Reviewed Publishing Site Jonathan H. Ping via the email address

Author Information in Title Page

The submitting author must provide the following information on the cover page of the manuscript:

  1. The name(s) of the author(s)
  2. Courtesy title of the author(s)
  3. Institutional affiliation(s)
  4. Title of paper
  5. Address(es)
  6. Telephone and facsimile number(s)
  7. Email
  8. Date of the manuscript
  9. Note on Contributor (100 words)

Reviewers do not get to see this page to enable double blind review processing of the paper.

Title and Abstract

The page containing the title and abstract must be the second page of the paper after the cover page. The title and abstract page however must be numbered as the first page of the paper. The abstract should be complete, self-contained, and no longer than 100 words. At least five key words must be provided below the abstract.

First Page of Paper

The first page of your paper should contain only the title of the paper with no acknowledgements, footnote or any other information identifying author(s) or their affiliations.

Format and Style

File Type: Doc or Docx (Microsoft Word)

Citations: Chicago Manual (see links below), Footnotes, No Bibliography.

Duke University Library – Select Chicago

Georgetown University – Chicago summarised by Turabian

Font: Times New Roman (all text)

Font Size: 12 (all text)

Font Colour: Automatic Black (all text)

Paper Size: A4

Margins: Normal 2.54cm (Top, Left, Right and Bottom)

Page Numbers: Bottom Centre (12 font, Times New Roman)


FIRST HEADING/TITLE (all Capitals, Bold, Centered, 12 font)

Second Heading (first letter capitalised, Bold, 12 font)

Third Heading (first letter capitalised, Bold, Italicised 12 font)

Paragraphs: Always use two returns between paragraphs. Don’t indent the first line.

Text Alignment: Align Text Left, do not Justify text.

Indented Quotes: Indent Left Only

Spacing: Use a Single Space at the end of sentences rather than Two Spaces.

Line Spacing: Double Spaced

Line Spacing before and after: 0 pt

Tables, Graphs or Images: Embed these within the text in the single file submitted.

Spelling: Use your own regional standard. Be consistent.

Terms of Submission

Submission of a paper is not acceptance for it to be published. The EASSC Peer Reviewed Publishing Site reserves the right to reject any paper without explanation or recourse at the discretion of the Editor-in-Chief. The below Author Copyright Statement and Submission Agreement must be accepted prior to submission.

Author Copyright Statement and Submission Agreement

I hold the copyright to this paper, or have been authorized by the copyright holder to upload this article for distribution, and agree to permit this document to be published on the East Asia Security Symposium and Conference (EASSC) site, or in a collection of publications from this site.

It is the authors’ responsibility to obtain written permission to for use of any third party material that has appeared in another publication.

The paper must not have been previously published, is not pending review elsewhere, and will not be submitted for review elsewhere pending the completion of the editorial decision process at EASSC.

I understand that accepted papers may be posted immediately as submitted, unless I request otherwise, or submit a revision.

I understand that the EASSC site is part of the open access repository of Bond University, ePublications@bond. All digital material published or disseminated by the ePublications@bond is available worldwide, free of cost, to researchers and the general public.