China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing
June 26, 2015

The 2015 conference – China’s Peripheral or Neighboring Diplomacy to Build an Asia-Pacific Dream – will focus on new research in fields such as diplomacy, history, international conflict management, global political economy, international relations, peace studies and strategic theory. Participants in this ongoing series of conferences represent numerous disciplines, and often employ inter-disciplinary methods in developing their research.

Conference Theme: China’s Peripheral or Neighboring Diplomacy to Build an Asia-Pacific Dream 中国的周边外交-—构建亚太梦

The People’s Republic of China under President Xi Jinping is prioritising its Peripheral/Neighboring Diplomacy with Asia over the ‘new model of great power relations’ ('new type of Major Country Relations') with the United States of America (US). Peripheral or Neighboring Diplomacy is a relatively new development of Chinese foreign policy, and seeks to take the ‘China Dream’ beyond its borders to become an ‘Asia-Pacific Dream’ in which China seeks to build a ‘Community of Common Destiny’ within East Asia, and with a focus on Southeast Asia in particular.


Scholarship from the Conference 本次会议出版的作品列表:

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Chasing the Dragon Down the Silk Road

Shelley Parkinson, Bond University

China’s Asia Pacific Dream – Towards a Space Silk Road?

Malcolm R. Davis, Bond University

Emerging China-led Regionalism and Soft Balancing

Alica Kizekova, Bond University
Laura Anca Parepa, University of Tsukuba

India’s naval presence in the South China Sea: clashes of strategies or a new dawn of cooperation in Southeast Asia?

Ulises Granados, Instituto Tecnologico Autonomo de Mexico

Middle Power Hybridising and China

Jonathan H. Ping, Bond University

Nested Games During the Pivot: China’s Strategy in the South China Sea 嵌套博弈vs. 转向亚洲:中国的南海战略

Chunjuan Nancy Wei, University of Bridgeport

‘Peripheral Vision’: The Relationship among the PRC’s Power Projection, Interpretations of History, and Sense of Threat

Elizabeth S. Dahl, University of Nebraska at Omaha

The Silk Road Revisited? Locating Xinjiang in the ‘China Dream’ 重走“丝绸之路”?论新疆在“中国梦”中的位置

Anna Hayes, James Cook University, Australia