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The East Asia Security Centre (EASC) is an global collaborative enterprise between Bond University, China Foreign Affairs University and the University of New Haven. It is a platform of research, scholarship and exchange which is hosted on the Bond University online repository ‘e-publications@bond’ website. The EASC maintains and builds upon the more than a decade-long success of the East Asia Security Symposium and Conference. The main activities are:


  • Annual Symposium and Conference at China Foreign Affairs University, Beijing
  • Peer-reviewed publishing of conference papers and books (English and Mandarin)
  • Partner with the Chinese journal Foreign Affairs Review
  • Translation services, commercial research and consulting
  • Applying for and obtaining external funding from private and public sources
  • Staff/PhD Exchange Program
  • Internships, postdoctoral researchers and research fellows
  • Publication of speeches, guest lectures and commentary
  • Philanthropic activities
  • Supports and pursues the strategic objectives of the three universities
  • Generates and disseminates knowledge and maintains personal, professional and institutional linkages to support the Commonwealth of Australia, People's Republic and China and the United States of America
  • 每年在北京(中国)外交学院举行的座谈讨论会
  • 发表经过同行互评的会议论文和书籍(英语和普通话)
  • 与中国期刊《外交评论》进行合作
  • 翻译服务、商业研究与咨询
  • 申请和获得来自公共部门或私营部门的外部资金
  • 员工/博士交流项目
  • 实习、博士后研究人员和研究员
  • 发布演讲、嘉宾演说和评论
  • 慈善活动
  • 支持并致力于实现三所大学的战略目标
  • 生成和传播知识;保持个人、专业及机构间的联系,为澳大利亚、中华人民共和国与美利坚合众国提供支持


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