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T. Mock, A. Wright, M. Washington and G. Krishnamoorthy (1991) Auditor's Probabilistic Reasoning in a Multi-Stage Risk Assessment Task

This paper is for presentation at the AAANZ Conference, July 9 - 11, 1990 in Perth, Australia, and at Bond University, July, 1990. Research funding for this study was provided by the Peat Marwick Main Foundation.

School of Business Discussion Paper ; No. 1, Jul. 1990

© Copyright T. Mock, A. Wright, M. Washington and G. Krishnamoorthy and the School of Business, Bond University



The effectiveness and efficiency of an audit rests largely on the planned procedures, the evidence gathered and the utilization of evidence by auditors. This research project has investigated how evidence is and should be utilized by auditors. This report details the results of two related studies: 1) an analylical study of the use of belief networks to model auditor probabilistic reasoning and 2) an empirical, process tracing study of auditors' utililization of audit evidence in the assessment of the risk of material error in financial statements.