Contractile activity of the bladder urothelium and lamina propria [dataset]


This project involves investigating the receptors, genes and neuronal systems modulating a unique contractile activity generated from within the bladder wall. The activity may be an underlying cause of lower urinary tract diseases and this research has identified a range of novel therapeutic targets which can be clinically utilised for therapeutic treatments.

Data in the form of Excel Spreadsheets and statistical software (Graphpad Prism).

Associated publications:

Adrenoceptor function and expression in bladder urothelium and lamina propria

Non-adrenergic, non-cholinergic, non-purinergic contractions of the urothelium/lamina propria of the pig bladder

Collection Period

2008 – 2013

Field of Research Code

060603, 111501, 060499, 110999

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