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The Collaborative Research Network for Advancing Exercise & Sports Science (CRN-AESS) is a premier research program lead by Bond University. The CRN-AESS was established with a $5.7 million grant from Department of Education and Training running from 2013 to 2017. It brings together partners from prestigious research and sport science institutions including the University of Sydney, the University of Queensland and the Australian Institute of Sport.

The total value of the project exceeds $14 million with the aim of producing a world-class program of research in sports, exercise and health science. The funding increases Bond University’s research capacity and strengthens its research systems by providing an opportunity for Bond University to lead a world-class research project, attract the resources and support of larger, research-intensive organisations boost Early Career Researcher and Higher Degree Research student participation and further leverage senior world-class researchers mentors and a world-class research infrastructure.

All open content of this site is available under a Creative Commons licence. Some data may be embargoed, or may only be available upon request directly to the Project Lead Researcher as indicated.

Feedback on the Methodologies is welcome via the Comments area. Adapted versions of any of the Methodologies are also welcome, please contact the for further details.


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