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Welcome to the third newsletter for the Bond University Centre for Professional Legal Education. My name is Hugh Zillmann and I am the Programs Director of the Bond University Professional Legal Training Program, which forms a component part of our Centre.

The Bond University PLT program was established over twenty (20) years ago as a ‘stand-alone’ post-graduate law program, designed to enable law graduates to undertake the necessary skills training to facilitate their admission as legal practitioners.

Clearly, in retrospect, what we were creating then is what the Centre for Professional Legal Education is all about: instilling in law graduates knowledge and abilities which will better equip them for a role in legal practice. In a wider sense, however, what is now happening through PLT and the Centre is a process of ‘lifelong learning’, where lawyers (to use a generic descriptive) are having made available to them the resources to enhance both their legal knowledge-base and their appreciation of where ‘law’ sits in relation to other fields of endeavour.

Sit back and take the time to read the featured articles and rejoice in the knowledge that you are an important part of a ‘knowledge community’.