Natasha Graham

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Social media has emerged as a massive phenomenon that is progressively altering the way that society interacts. It is increasingly becoming an intrinsic part of global culture, and China is no exception to this. The government censorship and limitations on foreign websites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube have not eliminated the presence of social media within China. On the contrary, these limitations have allowed for demand to be met by Chinese social media platforms that have now blossomed onto the government approved Internet network. Urban conglomerations are rapidly expanding in China, and there are now over half a billion internet users and counting. A consumer base this large will entice many firms, both domestic and international, to develop their businesses in a way that appeals to the online consumer base. This large consumer base coupled with the booming Chinese economy makes the country a prime opportunity within the global social media landscape. For firms to successfully encourage brand awareness and loyalty from this generation of consumers, they will need to be utilising social media to distribute their message. In order to take advantage of, and market to, the booming demographic of online ‘netizens’ (Chinese citizens who are online), both foreign and domestic companies need to understand the social media mediums popular with the Chinese population.