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This article will dispute Juncker’s claim that the Europe of today is similar to that of one hundred years ago. The alliances of 1913, which were the basis of World War I, will first be described to illustrate the precarious situation of early 20th century Europe. This situation will be then be compared with the early 21st century, detailing the vastly divergent priorities of the European Union in 2013. Subsequently, the Balkan setting of 1913 will be detailed and compared with the Balkan situation in 2013 to demonstrate that the Balkans are no longer the ‘powder keg of Europe’, largely due to EU efforts. Ultimately, it will be demonstrated that Juncker’s claim that Europe of 2013 finds itself in similar circumstances to Europe of 1913, is incorrect; in reality, the Europe of 2013 is vastly different from the Europe of one hundred years ago.