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The urgency of securing food supply has increased dramatically in a period when the GFC, environmental degradation, global warming and the rapid increase in industrialised food production has revealed the fragility of the world’s food production systems. In July 2012, Australia published its first Green Paper on food security. noting; ‘in the next 30 years the world will have to produce 70% more food to feed the world’s growing population’.[1] In the same month, the US Congress commenced a legislative debate about policy directions and public funding through taxation for farm subsidies to American primary producers. In May 2012, The Canadian government introduced the first National Food Strategy, to manage failures of the social security system to provide adequate and nourishing food to around 800,000 Canadians. In July 2013, the Indian government issued an ordinance to give the nation’s population the right to get 5kgs of food grains every month at highly subsidised rates. This will be the biggest food security program on the planet.

Food policy involves vital challenges in humanitarian, health and environmental law. Food law and governance plays an important role in facilitating the transition to sustainable agriculture and food security. The Centre for Commercial Law is embarking on a project to produce international publications, colloquia, presentations and research analysing and proposing reform to areas in food law.

Our mission is to conduct research and publishing in the vital area of Food Governance and Food Security policy making, celebrating food, local terroir and its relationship with society. The Centre provides legal studies of culinary modernism, tourism, restaurants, the gourmet and health aspects of food, wine and trade law.

Our first contribution, the fruit of a successful Colloquium on Food and Law in 2012, is on Champagne and Geographical Indications. It is both informative. enjoyable and a little long on taste, like a fine wine.

[1] National Food Plan, DAFF, 2012



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