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Established 1993

The Centre for East-West Cultural and Economic Studies provides a focus for research, teaching, interdisciplinary applications, and public education on the interactions among culture, society, economics and politics in the dynamic Asia-Pacific region.

The Centre is particularly concerned to examine the changes at the cultural and political levels which have radically altered international, strategic and economic relationships on a global basis. Interactions between 'East' and West, as well as the future direction of Australia in its relations with Asia are fundamental aspects of the Centre's activities.

Alongside research, publishing and flow-on into existing teaching programmes, the Centre is also involved in hosting public lectures, seminar series, and outreach to other international, regional and local organisations. The Centre's Bulletin, The Culture Mandala, is a non-technical publication aimed at increasing academic, business and community awareness of cultural, economic and political issues which have an impact on International Relations and East-West relations. Research Papers, conferences papers, book and research projects are taken up on a continuing basis.



  • To promote research in these areas within the Faculty of Humanities and Sciences.
  • To promote research and dialogue through regular contacts with Australian, Asian and international academics.
  • To promote dialogue through attendance at local, national and international conferences.
  • To develop alternative research methodologies in international relations.
  • To research the role of culture in economic, strategic and political change.
  • To provide regular avenues of publication on these themes.
  • To make this research available to business, government and the wider public, both in Australia and overseas.

Educational and Community

  • To run seminars and lectures to raise community awareness.
  • To develop educational packages for use in undergraduate and postgraduate study.
  • To provide opportunities for young as well as established overseas scholars to visit Australia and Bond University.
  • To network with community, ethnic and international organisations.
  • To provide informed public commentary and submissions to government and media where appropriate.
  • To help provide guidance for postgraduate research through existing higher degree programmes at Bond University.


The objectives of the Centre, in line with its key mission and focus, include:

  • Support informed local and national debates on international relations, East-West studies, and on cultural and religious dialogue.
  • Exchange of ideas with organisations and researchers in the Asia-Pacific and Eurasian regions.
  • Forge cooperative links with Chinese, Indonesian, Indian, European and Turkish centres and universities.
  • Support new trends in the teaching of International Relations, East Asian and related studies at Bond University and other institutions.
  • Support staff and student exchanges, as well as agreements in support of international exchanges, e.g. with Chinese and Turkish institutions.
  • Support and report new analysis by attendance at key international conferences.
  • Make or support policy submissions to government, international governmental organisations, and NGOs.
  • Provide publication opportunities and a 'dialogue space' for Asian scholars and new writers that present alternative views on Centre themes.


The Centre has engaged in a large range of activities including the running of a Chinese Identity conference, the hosting of public lectures (ranging from Buddhism through to the future of Australia in Asia), the provision of advice to local organisations such as the Chinese Community Monthly magazine and the International Confucian Society, as well as networking with Indonesian, Chinese, Thai, American and Canadian organisations.

In 1997 this included affiliation with an international organisation studying China, The Culture Regeneration Society (publisher of Culture China). In 1999, the centre helped forge formal links between Bond University and Suzhou University (PRC). From 1999, the Centre has also established strong relations with the International Confucian Association (Beijing), as well as exploring links with a number of Chinese, Indian and Thai institutions.

The members of the Centre also contribute to educational awareness in courses which are utilised by International Relations, International Business and Management, the Executive MBA programme, Philosophy and Cultural and Ethical Values areas.

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