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The publication scope of the Review extends to original articles reviewing any aspect of law within Australia, or drawing comparisons between Australian law and that of another jurisdiction, or trending issues in International Law. Original case-notes of prominent cases from Australia or foreign jurisdictions were also welcomed.

Submissions are now open for the third edition of the Bond University Student Law Review.

All Submissions must be:
3000 - 10,000 words in length formatted and referenced according to the conventions of the Australian Guide to Legal Citation
1.5 line spaced accompanied by a title page stating the title and author of the submission

Submissions can be emailed to the Review's editor, Mikayla Brier-Mills (2015-16), at

Copyright in each of the submissions published within any issue of the Bond University Student Law Review is retained by the author(s) under an Attribution Creative Commons Licence: CC-BY

While the Editorial Committee of the Bond University Student Law Review has taken all reasonable care to ensure the accuracy and originality of all submissions published therein, neither the Editorial Committee nor its individual members take any responsibility for infringements of copyright or other liabilities.