Special section introduction: Exploring work-family issue content coverage and relevant resources

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Clark, M. A., Hoffman, B., & Kenworthy, A. L. (2016). Special section introduction: Exploring work-family issue content coverage and relevant resources. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 15(2), 381-386.

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Extract: Toward this end, over the past decade, management scholars and educators have become increasingly engaged in the effort to better understand the impact of work on workers and their families. We now have a pool of resources in place to help us understand, explore, and remain current with research in the work–family domain. We know that this is a multifaceted and complex area, with 21st century family structures and needs notably different than those we saw in our past. For example, balancing work and family is no longer simply awomen’s issue; there is evidence that fathers’ levels of work–family conflict have steadily increased over time (Aumann, Galinsky, & Matos, 2011), and an increasing number of employees now handle eldercare responsibilities as well as childcare responsibilities (Aumann, Galinsky, Sakai, Brown, & Bond, 2010; Zacher, Jimmieson, & Winter, 2012). Work–family issues are also important for childless and single employees, who experience conflict between their work and nonwork roles (Haar, 2013). In fact, surveys of employees suggest that modern workers valuework–family balancemore thanworkers in prior decades (Ehrhart, Mayer, & Ziegert, 2012; Twenge, Campbell, Hoffman, & Lance, 2010).Moreover, there is evidence that workers experience greater levels of work–family conflict in recent years than they have reported in the past (Wood, 2014), with a recent Australian study showing that one of every three parents reports conflict between work and family roles (Perkins, 2016).

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