From practice to design and back: emergence of an information service view

Dirk S. Hovorka, Bond University
Matt Germonprez

Document Type Conference Proceeding

Hovorka, D. and Germonprez, M. (2008) From Practice to Design and Back: Emergence of an Information Service View, 19th Australasian Conference on Information Systems, 3-5 Dec 2008, Christchurch, N.Z.

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Copyright © Dirk S. Hovorka, Matt Germonprez and ACIS, 2008.


A critical part of transforming research to practice is the recognition of the coordination between the research domain and the problem-solving domain. An action research perspective which supports this coordination is useful in the realization of a new information service view of technology. The information service view engenders a shift from the provision of defined and preset services or applications to an environment that enables users to actively select and integrate technology services in the ongoing creation and re-creation of unique information systems in the service of action. In this research, we argue that design practice in the construction and evaluation of the information services view is a necessary complement to the expansion of research to construct a coherent view of this emergent class of IS. We use an exploratory case analysis of practice to construct a unique information service view and suggest that this view of service-oriented information systems can benefit practice and research.


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