The partitioning paradox: The big bite around small packages

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Holden, S. S., & Zlatevska, N. (2015). The partitioning paradox: The big bite around small packages. International Journal of Research in Marketing, 32(2), 230-233.

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We replicate the research of Do Vale et al. (2008) and Scott et al. (2008) showing that the diet-conscious tend to eat more when a portion is broken into multiple smaller partitions than when it is unpartitioned. The results show that the partitioning paradox is clearer when diet-consciousness is manipulated than measured. A metaanalysis reveals that the partitioning paradox among the diet-conscious is a medium size effect, but also that partitioning has an opposite and equal size effect on the non-diet conscious: they eat more from the unpartitioned than the partitioned package.

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