Theory identity: A machine-learning approach

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Larsen, K. R., Hovorka, D., West, J., Birt, J., Pfaff, J. R., Chambers, T. W., Sampedro, Z. R., Zager, N., & Vanstone, B. (2014). Theory identity: A machine-learning approach. Paper presented at the Forty-Seventh Annual Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS). 6-9 January, 2014. Hawaii, USA.

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2014 HERDC submission




Theory identity is a fundamental problem for researchers seeking to determine theory quality, create theory ontologies and taxonomies, or perform focused theory-specific reviews and meta-analyses. We demonstrate a novel machine-learning approach to theory identification based on citation data and article features. The multi-disciplinary ecosystem of articles which cite a theory's originating paper is created and refined into the network of papers predicted to contribute to, and thus identify, a specific theory. We provide a 'proof-of-concept' for a highly-cited theory. Implications for crossdisciplinary theory integration and the identification of theories for a rapidly expanding scientific literature are discussed.



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