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Beatty, J., Kenworthy, A.L., Leigh, J., deJanasz, S., Fornaciari, C.J., Wheeler, J.V., & Spence, K.K. (2010). Keeping the magic: OBTS New Educator Award winners discuss creativity and challenges in mid career. Paper presented at the 37th Annual OBTC Teaching Conference for Management Educators, 16-19 June 2010. New Mexico, USA.

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© Copyright J. Beatty, A.L. Kenworthy, J. Leigh, S. deJanasz, C.J. Fornaciari, J.V. Wheeler, K.K. Spence, 2010





The New Educator Award recognizes early career teachers who have demonstrated excellence and creativity in their teaching practice, pedagogical research, and service to OBTS. In this session seven NEA winners discuss keeping magic in their teaching practice. Having moved from “new” to mid-career, the session addresses two questions: (1) what is the current career challenge you face? and (2) what attitudes, behaviors, or practices allow you to keep the magic (stay energized) in your career? The session encourages inquiry and dialogue with panellists and audience members about mid-career opportunities and challenges.



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