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May 2008

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Working Paper

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Kline, Jeffrey Jude; Kaneko Mamoru,(2008) Interactions between individual views and behavior, 39pp.

Copyright © Mamoru Kaneko and Jeffrey J. Kline, 2008.


We explore the inductively derived views obtained by players with partial temporal (short-term) memories. A player derives his personal view of the objective game situation from his accumulated (long-term) memories of playing, and uses it for decision making in the objective situation. A salient feature that distinguishes this paper from others on inductive game theory is partiality of a memory function of a player. This creates multiplicity of possibly derived views. Although this is a difficulty for a player in various senses, it is an essential problem of induction. Faced with multiple possible views, a player may try to resolve this multiplicity using future experiences. This creates a two-way interaction between behavior and personal views which is another distinguishing feature of the present paper.



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