Development strategy by design - The future of strategy

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Carlopio, J. (2011). Development strategy by design - The future of strategy. World future review, 3(2), 11-16.

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Organizational strategy is typically conceived and developed as an extension of the past and present. We analyze the market, the competition, the industry, and our internal resources and capabilities. We then reposition ourselves in existing markets or extend our product/services into developing or adjacent markets. The future is assumed to be a linear extension of the past and present, and our rational analytical techniques help us to do this well.

What happens, however, when the future is not a linear extension of the past and present? What happens when we want to innovate and reinvent our business model, our industry or our world? How can we radically add value and provide high quality at low cost? How can we reinvent the ailing automobile industry or the air-travel experience? How can we solve the problems of our broken healthcare system, our dysfunctional economy or address global hunger, poverty and terrorism?



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