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Zlatevska, N., Dubelaar, C. & Holden, S. S. (2011). Increasing serving size increases amount consumed: Catch-22. Paper presented at Bond University, Gold Coast, Australia.

© Natalina Zlatevska, Chris Dubelaar & Stephen Holden


The effect of serving size on consumption is well-established (see Chandon and Wansink, 2011 for a review). The larger the serve, the greater the amount consumed. However, little attention has been given to quantifying the serving size effect. We know that size influences volume consumed, but by how much? The present research used a meta analysis of 67 studies, and a combined N of 2792 respondents, to determine the relative effect of serving size on consumption volume (d=.47). More importantly, we extended our analysis to determine the absolute size of the effect: we found that a doubling of serving size increases consumption by 22%. Finally, we show that the serving size effect is larger among adults than children.

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