Managerial tools & internet the sources of competitive advantage of firms

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Cicak, M., Dabic, M. & Kiessling, T. (2010). Managerial tools & internet the sources of competitive advantage of firms. Paper presented at the 14th International research/expert conference: 'Trends in the development of machinery and associated technology' (TMT 2010), Mediterranean cruise.

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2010 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 150302

© Copyright Faculty of Mechanical Engineering in Zenica, Escola Tecnica Superior D'Enginyeria Industrial De Barcelone and Bahcesehir University in Istanbul, 2010


Knowledge of Production technology and information communication technology covers many aspects of the knowledge proeess in firm. Digital Manufacturing is one of the core strategies of the European
Manufacture vision and strategic agenda towards the knowledge based production. It is driven by the application and standardization of information and communication technologies and the increasing demand for the effieiency of operations in global networks. The knowledge managerial tools and information technology are forming a bridge between knowledge creation and knowledge utilization. On one side they are used to enhance creativiiy and on the other side, they optimize knowledge work and improve efficiency and productivity. Indicators like productivity, profitability and market share could be improved by using internet and managerial tools. In this work we try to give insights that can help to understand the role of managerial tools and lnternet as a competitive weapon in modern firms.



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