"Marketing managers" in the context of global supply chains: Functional versus multiple IQ competencies

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Richey, G., Harvey, M., & Moeller, M. (2010). "Marketing managers" in the context of global supply chains: Functional versus multiple IQ competencies. Journal of Marketing Channels, 17(3), 243-262.

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Managerial scholars have suggested that 'g' score (i.e., intelligence) tests are not enough to assess and select the appropriate candidates for some jobs. Other dimensions can play just as important a role in employee performance. Thus, the purpose of this article is to expand our view in terms of criteria that may be used as it relates to global supply chain managers. We present a nine-base typology to assist researchers and managers in assessing the true dynamics of global supply chain manager intelligence. The typology of intelligence includes the dimensions of cognitive, social, political, emotional, structural, intuition, experiential, creative, and network. We build our model by using intelligence dimensions from management, industrial organizational psychology, marketing and organizational behavior, and perspectives that include relational contracting norms, relationship marketing, networking, and communications. We propose that global supply chain managers need all nine bases to perform well in the global business arena.

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