Factors that influence and are influenced by change projects

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Nahmias, A. H., Crawford, L., & Combe, M. (2010). Factors that influence and are influenced by change projects. Paper presented at the PMI research and education conference, Washington, D.C., United States.

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2010 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 150300

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Organizational changes are often achieved through disciplined project management. Change management and project management are two disciplines that draw upon different theoretical frameworks but rely on each other to achieve an organizational goal. While organizational change deals with stakeholders, relationships, and strategy, project management is focused on achieving tasks through a linear, logical process. As a result of these opposing focuses and the requirement to lead projects together, the relationship between the two can create tension. Achieving an organizational change has additional challenges beyond this potential tension between the two disciplines. The organization in which the project changes are being applied has certain characteristics that may make it easier or more challenging for changes to be accepted. The organizational characteristics that have emerged in this study are described as “organizational factors” which either support the introduction of the change or stand in its way. Organizational factors both influence and are influenced by project changes and may do so in a positive or a negative way. This paper reports on the results of three in-depth case studies that highlight the influence of organizational factors on the management and success of organizational change projects.

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