The trait of curiosity as a predictor of emotional intelligence

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Leonard, N. H. & Harvey, M. (2007). The trait of curiosity as a predictor of emotional intelligence. Journal of applied social psychology, 37(8), 1914-1929.

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2007 HERDC submission.

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This study examined the relationship between curiosity and emotional intelligence (EI) in a sample of graduate and undergraduate students in business administration courses (N = 312). To determine the nature of this relationship, curiosity was assessed using the Melbourne Curiosity Index (MCI; Naylor, 1981) and the Curiosity and Exploration Inventory (CEI; Kashdan, Rose, & Fincham, 2004). Emotional intelligence was measured using the Trait Meta-Mood Scale (TMMS; Salovey, Mayer, Goldman, Turvey, & Palfai, 1995). The results indicate that there is a significant relationship between trait curiosity and emotional intelligence.

Curiosity [has been] conceptualized as a positive emotional-motivation system associated with the recognition, pursuit, and self-regulation of novelty and challenge. (Kashdan, Rose, & Fincham, 2004, p. 291)

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