A new look at mutual fund performance

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Prather, L., Bertin, W. J. & Henker, T. (2003). A new look at mutual fund performance. Paper presented at the 2003 multinational finance society annual meeting, Montreal, Canada.

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© Copyright Laurie Prather, William J. Bertin & Thomas Henker, 2003


This study goes beyond the scope of the typical analysis of mutual fund performance by considering a broader set of fund-specific factors uniquely categorized in terms of their impact on returns. Also unique to this study is a detailed exposition of the linkages between fund characteristics and performance. Traditional regression techniques explore these relationships in an attempt to predict fund performance, while the sample of funds examined is screened for survivor bias in a non-conventional fashion. The results suggest that our unique categories of fund popularity, agility, and growth, as well as the standard cost and managerial factors are relevant in explaining fund performance. Finally, after controlling for survivorship bias and benchmark error, the results refute the performance persistence phenomenon.