Organizational autoethnography

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Parry, K. & Boyle, M. (2009). Organizational autoethnography. In D. A. Buchanan and A. Bryman (Eds.), The SAGE handbook of organizational research methods (pp. 690-702). London, UK: SAGE Publications Ltd. ISBN: 978-1-4129-3118-2.

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Chapter 40 © Copyright Ken Parry and Maree Boyle, 2009.





Our aim for this chapter is to begin a long and hopefully fruitful conversation about how and why autoethnography can help make valuable contributions to organizational studies. We contend that the prime role of an organizational autoethnographic study is to illuminate the relationship between the individual and the organization. Indeed, the ethnographic process has always been an essential way of studying culture, especially culture as it is practiced and understood within institutional and organizational settings. We contend that, in the spirit of Carolyn Ellis' (1997) work on introspective and retrospective forays into the self, the study of organizations and culture can be significantly enhanced by the inclusion of work conducted and located within the autoethnographic genre.

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