Consumer behaviour and satisfaction

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Wahyuningsih & Dubelaar, C. (2004). Consumer behaviour and satisfaction. Paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Marketing Academy (ANZMAC) 2004 conference, Wellington, New Zealand.

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© Copyright Wahyuningsih & Chris Dubelaar, 2004.


This study investigates customer satisfaction using a market segmentation approach. Yet emerging customer satisfaction research has been investigating satisfaction only at the aggregate level. In this study, customer satisfaction is examined in segments based on a typology of consumer search behavior. The findings demonstrate that the type of consumer as defined by whether and how they search for information (passive, rational-active, relational-dependent) has an effect on satisfaction. Rational-active and relational-dependent consumers are found to be the dominant consumer types who actively search out information before purchasing a product and thus perceive higher level of satisfaction than passive consumers. The identification of satisfaction within each type of consumer provides a reason for customers to repurchase the same product, or recommend it to other people. As a result, companies will be able to achieve an increase in profitability. Recommendations for companies and future research directions are presented.



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