Uncovering multiple champion roles in implementing high-technology ventures

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Gupta, S., Cadeaux, J. & Dubelaar, C. (2006). Uncovering multiple champion roles in implementing high-technology ventures. Journal of business research, 59(5), 549-563.

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This article reports the findings of a field study of a new venture electronic network enterprise from a business-to-business perspective. Network theory and the literatures of process innovation management and strategic marketing are used to generate theory about how new venture electronic network enterprises are created, and the roles champions play in their creation. Network champion roles and their relationships with other network participants are not well understood. The case study reveals how (a) network champions have both direct and indirect involvement in creating and commercializing new venture electronic networks, (b) champions within the venture rather than network champions strategically encourage or discourage supplier and buyer firms in joining, and (c) the accumulated knowledge of all champions, rather than the network champion alone, enhances successful implemented strategies. The findings provide researchers with a theoretical understanding of the role of the network champion in creating new ventures. Network champions filling multiple roles appear necessary for the successful creation of new high-tech ventures.

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