Australia’s Dennis Family Corporation

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Craig, J. B., and Moores, Ken (2008). Australia’s Dennis Family Corporation, in Gupta, V., Levenburg, N., Moore, L., Motwani, J. and Schwartz, T. (2008). (edited) Culturally-sensitive Models of Family Businesses in Anglo Region - A Compendium using the GLOBE paradigm Hyderabad, pp. 137-154, ICFAI University Press. ISBN 978-81-314-2068-3.

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Copyright © Vipin Gupta/The Icfai University Press, 2008.


This paper details how the Australia Dennis family has been able to professionalize their family business while still retaining their family values and realizing the founders’ vision. We detail how Bert and Dawn Dennis and their four adult offspring decided to amalgamate their associated businesses with the parent company and take on the challenge of professionalizing this new entity. We highlight that, although the four siblings had learnt business, they had to now learn their family business. In addition, the CEO, Grant Dennis, had to learn to lead the business. As well, the Dennis family had to learn to give up some control to professional management. Bert, as a founder of the business, also had to learn to let go. Comments from family members and key stakeholders are included.

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