Prologue - Researching family business: An interview with Professor Danny Miller

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Moores, K. (2009). Prologue - Research family business: An interview with Danny Miller. Journal of management and organization, 15(3) 278-281.

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In 2005 Danny Miller and Isabelle Le Breton Miller published Managing for the Long Run: Lessons in Competitive Advantage from Great Family Businesses (Harvard Business School Press) which together with a series of articles have had a significant impact on scholarship in the field of family business. Here we explore with Danny his motivations for entering this emergent field and seek his insights for those wanting to follow his lead into family business research. Specifically Danny answers the why, what, and how of his entry into family business research: why he was motivated to move to the field, what he found and focused on, and how he sought to make contributions to the broad areas of management and organizations from the context of family business.

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