Developing management skills: A comprehensive guide for leaders

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Carlopio, J., & Andrewartha, G. (2008). Developing management skills: A comprehensive guide for leaders (4th ed.). Frenchs Forest, New South Wales, Australia: Pearson Education Australia. ISBN: 9780733991066

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The philosophy of this book is that improvement in management skills is primarily the learner's responsibility. If the principles covered in this book are not conscientiously applied outside the classroom, little or no progress can be achieved. The authors' intention, therefore, is to have the course carry over into the life activities of learners. Effectiveness in management is no different from effectiveness in most other human enterprises. The same kind of skills are required to live a productive and successful life as for managing people effectively. That is why, even though some users of this book may not presently be managers of other employees, and indeed may never become managers, they should neither dismiss these skills as irrelevant nor wait until they become managers before attempting to practise them.

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