Sex, Gender, Sexuality and the Law: Social and legal issues faced by individuals, couples and families is a remarkable book. Gillian Triggs, President of the Australian Commission for Human Rights, describes it most accurately in her Foreword to the book as ‘ground-breaking’.

Here is a publication, presented in four Parts, that sets out the experience, difficulties and discrimination faced by those members of our society that the book describes as trans or gender diverse, intersex, and/or non-heterosexual. (For space purposes only, this review refers to these groups as LGBTIQ, and acknowledges the limitations inherent in this acronym).

The insights the book provides are significant. The reviewers found that they frequently gained understandings which, in their experience, are not available elsewhere. Having all this information in one volume makes this an even more valuable resource.

The book is also remarkable, not just for the breadth of its discussion, but for its soundly based research and the straightforward language it uses. Statistical information throughout the book is covered exceptionally well, and allows the reader to make comparisons between Australian states, between countries and over time. Although the focus is primarily on Australia, the research is worldwide, and it is interesting to see where Australia fits, and what role it plays.