Paul Gerber


[extract] Given the [tobacco] industry’s international manufacturing base, it was inevitable that Australia would not escape the trawling for evidence in support of the claim. The Australian ‘connection’ was claimed to be one Nicholas Cannar, a solicitor, now resident in Sydney, who formerly headed the legal Department of BATCo in the United Kingdom for many years, and later became BATAS’ Director of Legal Services in Australia from March 1997 to September 1999.

In search of supporting evidence, the US District Court issued a Letter of Request for international judicial assistance to the Registrar of the Supreme Court of New South Wales, identifying certain matters in relation to which the person nominated by the United States is seeking Cannar’s testimony. This would involve Cannar being orally examined before trial by satellite video-link. The US proceedings are entitled United States of America v Philip Morris Inc et al. The Opponent/Respondent being one Sharon Y Eubanks, the person nominated by the US District Court for purposes of the Letter of Request.