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Rahman, A., Bridge., Rowlinson, S., & Kwok, T. (April, 2011). Developing the Eclectic Paradigm of Internationalization on the Issue of Multinational Contractors Bidding for Australian Infrastructure. Paper presented at 36th Annual Conference for Australian University Building Educators, Bond University, Gold Coast.


Against a background of already thin markets in some sectors of major public sector infrastructure in Australia and the desire of the Australian federal government to leverage private finance, concerns about ensuring sufficient levels of competition are prompting federal government to seek new sources of in-bound foreign direct income - as part of attracting more foreign contractors and consortia to bid for Australian public sector major infrastructure. As a first step towards attracting greater overseas interest in the Australian public sector market infrastructure market, an improved understanding of the determinants of multinational contractors’ willingness to bid in this market is offered by Dunning’s eclectic paradigm and which have has been a dominant approach in international business for over 20 years and yet has been little used in the context of international contracting. This paper aims to develop Dunning’s eclectic framework and also gives a brief outline of a research plan to collect secondary data and primary data from international contractors worldwide in pursuance of testing the eclectic framework.



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