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Zaidi, M. & Davies, H. (April, 2011). Construction knowledge integration. Paper presented at 36th Annual Conference for Australian University Building Educators, Bond University, Gold Coast.


Managing information and knowledge in the construction industry is an important focus for research. The goal is to expedite better integration of construction knowledge amongst the stakeholders. Better use of this knowledge could allow the building industry to achieve quality outputs making best use of resources – the linked goals of time, cost and quality. Information networks and knowledge transfer are central to this and are recognized as integral to an industry strategy to improve productivity. However, poor delivery of information to those at the construction site and lack of effective methods of transferring knowledge between parties involved in construction become major challenges. Based on a critical review of literature and an interview survey, this paper identifies the information networks adopted in the Malaysian construction industry and models these using four knowledge transfer components classified as ‘control’, ‘innovation’, ‘best practice’ and ‘audit’ element. Knowledge integration practices - attitude, communication, skills, commitment and monitoring; and factors related to information barriers including accessibility, service delivery, information updates and publication, were identified as critical features for the success of knowledge integration in the Malaysian construction industry. A framework for knowledge transfer is proposed to promote better practices in the Malaysian construction industry.



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