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Hasim, M.S., Pullen, S., & Sivam, A. (April, 2011). Indicators of sustainability practices: Australia and Malaysia. Paper presented at 36th Annual Conference for Australian University Building Educators, Bond University, Gold Coast.


Globally, sustainability practices are becoming more important as the need increases to respond to the impact of development. However, there are differences on the level of sustainability practices between developed and developing countries. Furthermore, the achievement of sustainable development goals needs participation, integration and collective efforts from both types of country. This study reviewed university websites to explore the sustainability commitment in 39 Australian and 20 Malaysian universities as examples of higher education institutions from developed and developing countries. Content analysis was used to analyse data. The definition for „commitment‟ used was that universities provided information in their website that demonstrated initiatives towards sustainability. Generally, the extent of commitment among Australian universities is higher than Malaysian universities and shows that sustainability issues are well established in the former country. Most universities in Malaysia met only one theme which is „sustainability research and education‟. The preliminary results of the study show a significant gap and differences between both countries regarding sustainability commitments. Furthermore, this study gives insights into questions of the level of awareness in Australia and Malaysia regarding sustainability practices. The results provide initial indicators which may assist Malaysian universities in minimising the sustainability commitment gap compared with Australian universities.



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